With the opening of Karakalpak state University in 1976 the faculty of History and geography was established, and in 1977-1978 academic year the Department of law was opened as a part of History and geography faculty. In 1993 the faculty was divided into law and history faculties and the faculty of law was opened. In 1996 the faculty of law and history was organized.
At that time, the faculty had 5 departments, of which 3 departments in the field of law began to prepare bachelors and masters and 2 the Department of history. Since 2003, the faculties of history and law have started to train specialists separately. Since 2011, the faculty of history and law has been reformed and now there are 4 departments.Currently, 6 doctors, 20 candidates of Sciences and associate professors, 29 assistants work and conduct research and teaching activities at the departments of "Law", "Archeology", "History of Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan" and "Basics of the national idea and spirituality of legal education".
At the Faculty of History and Law specialists are trained in 3 fields of undergraduate studies:
1. Jurisprudence (by type of service 5240100)
2. Basics of the national idea and spirituality and legal education (5111600)
3. History (by countries and regions 5120300)
At the Faculty of History and Law, master students are trained in 3 specialties:
1. 5A240101 State law and administration (Constitutional law; administrative and financial law; history of the state and law enforcement agencies).
2. 5А120401 Archaeology
3. 5A120301 History of Uzbekistan
4. 5А111601 Methodology of social Sciences and Humanities (basics of spirituality).
The faculty of history and law has achieved great results in the process of studying and in the field of science. The teaching staff works on international and national projects and grants. Teachers of the faculty actively participated in the contest "The Best teacher", which is conducted among University teachers. In the 2017-2018 academic year associate Professor Z. Reimova and in the 2018-2019 academic year E. Kutibaeva became winners of this contest.
To date, in our faculty there were 4 winners of state scholarship of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan (in 2005 J. Rakhmanov, in 2010 R. Aitmuratov, in 2012. I. Aldabergenov, in 2014 E. Egamberdiev), more than 20 winners of Navoi scholarship and more than 25 students winners of  Berdakh scholarships. Several students were winners of scholarships of PYM "Kamolot". In 2018-2019 academic year the 2nd year student of the Department of law Khabibullaeva Dilfuza was the winner of the scholarship of "Youth Organisation". Our students each year take an active part in the contest "Tafakkur sinovlari" which is annually held among University students.
Students of our faculty annually actively participate in various sports competitions held among the faculties of the University. Every year they take prizes in such sports as football, volleyball, table tennis.
Every year the organization of a scientific archaeological expedition for students of History department under the leadership of  the teachers M.Sh.Kidirniyzova and M.Turebekova has become a tradition.
In the city of Khodjeyli after archaeological excavations and researches in Mizdakhan there were discovered architectural and cultural monuments. Currently, such historical studies are held in the Beruniy and Kungrad districts.
Since the 2018-2019 academic year at the Department of Law legal clinic was organized for free public service to the people. The experienced teachers of the Department of Law and senior law students are practicing in this clinic.
On April 20, 2017, a Memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Prosecutor General's office of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent state law University, the University of World Economy and Diplomacy. Within the framework of this Memorandum, every day in their free time the students of  the 2nd, 3rd and 4th courses of the Department of Law improve their practical skills in the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and in the city Prosecutor's office of the city of Nukus.
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